"Angie" by Livia Korandy

"Angie" by Livia Korandy

When it’s time to fulfill your destiny, you will first experience loss, obstacles will be removed from your life so that you can move forward faster. Jobs, people, and things that don’t align with your purpose will be stripped away from you. The more you hold onto them and resist, the greater the trauma you will self-inflict during your growth process.

So, don’t resist, live in the flow of the universe and ride the waves through the successful journey that you have hoped, wished and prayed into your life. It may not look like what you think and it can be scary sometimes. Remember, you have to lose some things to travel lighter and faster to and through where you want to go to where you want to be. Embrace the change and move forward faster to a more fulfilling life of greater prosperity.  Here’s how…

Recognize, strategize, exercise!

1. Recognize!

The stages of grief:

DABDA: The 5 Stages of Grief

DABDA: The 5 Stages of Grief

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Here’s a simple visual guide to help you through the stages of grieving losses.

  • D – Denial
  • A – Anger
  • B – Bargaining
  • D – Depression
  • A – Acceptance

The ability to recognize them and make it through them faster and more easily begins with understanding.  Acknowledge what you are feeling and mentally prepare yourself for the next stage.

2. Strategize!

Successfully purging the negative energy (emotions) that come with this sense of loss requires a strategic approach and consideration for multiple tactics (ie. exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques, etc.).  Everyone responds in different ways but the consistent variable is that conscious, purposeful, and massive action is reliably effective.  Find the method that works best for you and make the time to reset your mind and energy to support positive, productive action.

Afterall, only in this mindful, relaxed state can you be your greatest.

Here are some useful links to help:

Exercise, Meditation, Relaxation & Other Stress Relief Techniques:

3. Exercise your strategy!

When you feel overwhelmed with negative energy, invoke a positive physical response immediately.  Change your posture and breathe deeply from your gut a few times.  Oxygenate your brain and your mind will guide you out of the fog.

Relaxation is as simple as gentle Breathing:  If you feel stressed take a few moments out. Just watch and be aware of your breathing. Breathe naturally and gently; this will have a very powerful, calming influence on your mind. When you breathe in, feel that you are breathing in inner peace. When you breathe out, feel you are exhaling all your anxieties and worries. Relaxation can be this simple – it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.